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About Mercedes Benz Workshop Malaysia

Mercedes Benz Workshop in Malaysia

Techtrics Auto Sdn Bhd is founded in 1st of June 2013. We are proud to be an independent, facility focused on a friendly, quality customer experience. We are an independent workshop who provides the alternative one-stop, full-range of Europe vehicle maintenance & repair for your beloved ride.

Techtrics Auto Sdn Bhd was officially launched on 30th June 2013. An happening and grand opening ceremony was hold in the workshop multifunction area on the launching day. Entertainments, food and light refreshments had successfully drawn approximate 600 audiences to attend. It was a happening and meaningful affair for a great start.

Techtrics Auto Sdn Bhd is run by Mr. Steve Siew and Mr.  Fong Weng Hong on 2013.

The founders of Techtrics Auto Sdn Bhd are no strangers to many of the car owners. With years of automotive repair experiences, diagnosing or troubleshooting a car problem has never been a problem. Call us now

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